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Frozen Ranch Water

  • Where can I buy Frozen Ranch Water right now?
    If you are in Dallas, Texas we can be found at Bowlski's in Lakewood, Corn Dog with No Name, and the State Fair of Texas. Tell your favorite restaurant or bar to contact us and get Frozen Ranch Water at their restaurant.
  • Can I sell Frozen Ranch Water?
    Yes. We have restaurant and bar kits available. Each kit includes the Frozen Ranch Water mix, 24 - 12oz. to go bottles with Frozen Ranch Water logo, instruction sheet, straws, and marketing materials. If you need a frozen drink machine for your restaurant, we have kit packages including a Frozen Ranch Water wrapped frozen drink machine.
  • Can I just make my own Frozen Ranch Water?
    The Frozen Ranch Water is a secret family recipe and it's perfect. It's not just throwing some ingredients together and putting it in a machine. If it was that easy to replicate the flavor or a Ranch Water in frozen form, it would have already been done. Our owner has over 26 years of bartending and mixology experience and has served millions of frozen drinks at the State Fair of Texas.
  • What's the difference between a Frozen Ranch Water and a traditional margarita?
    Frozen Ranch Water contains no sweeteners. It is made with 100% agave tequila, mineral water, fresh fruit and juices. Frozen Ranch Water is the least fattening frozen drink on the market today.
  • Have a question not listed?
    Please contact us at
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