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Texas Family Business

Our Frozen Ranch Water story started on a vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. My wife and I were hanging out at a friend’s pool, and she wanted a Ranch Water, her favorite cocktail. I decided to mix it up this time. With blender, ice, fresh limes, and other ingredients, I created the Frozen Ranch Water. Now we’ve figured out how to batch it for large-scale enjoyment and to offer it to restaurants and bars.


History of the Ranch Water Cocktail

Ranch Water, the cocktail, has been around for many years, mostly in Texas but is now growing in popularity around the country.

Two restaurants claim to have had Ranch Water listed on their cocktail menus for 15 years. Who was first? That’s still an argument. (Let’s give them both credit!)

Ranch Water is a crisp and refreshing cocktail that contains tequila and lime juice, and in Texas we mix it with Topo Chico. We love it! In fact, we actually love so much that we’ve created a frozen version ourselves.

Now it is available for others to try themselves.  There is no other.



Home of the Original Frozen Ranch.  There will be others, but there will still only be the one and only Frozen Ranch Water. Guaranteed to be your most popular cocktail offering immediately. 

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